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Coyote Control in Rancho Santa Fe

With coyote sightings on the rise in Rancho Santa Fe, it's essential to have effective coyote control methods in place to prevent these wild canines from trespassing onto your property. This can be especially important if you have pets that you let out in your backyard, as coyotes can pose a threat to them.

Diamondback Snake Fencing Co. is the leading team of coyote control experts in Rancho Santa Fe and the local area. When there are coyotes out on the prowl in your neighborhood, we make sure they stay on the other side of the fence and out of your yard.

For more information on our professional coyote control systems, call us now at (760) 828-8865.


Honest Quotes on Coyote Control Systems

Have a coyote problem? Want to ensure your property is safe and secure? Get in touch with our experts, and we'll set up a no-obligation consultation at the earliest convenience. We'll introduce you to coyote prevention systems and services, and we'll recommend which ones work best for your personal situation.

We're always glad to provide you with an honest quote that outlines all the details. Rest assured, our strategies are highly effective, and our prices are competitive no matter what.

A Highly Effective Coyote Management Strategy

Our team of specialists has tested out many different non-lethal coyote management strategies, but none have proven to be quite as effective as fencing and coyote roller guards.

With our many years of experience, we have found that the proper fencing system will prevent coyotes from being able to enter your property, effectively keeping them away. Our coyote roller guards are expertly designed to stop coyotes from getting the foothold they need to scale a fence. We'll first make sure that your property is correctly fenced off and then, we'll install roller guards to complete the job.

A Full-Service Coyote Control Company

Coyotes are members of the dog family. Often confused with wolves, coyotes are usually brown or grey in color and have an amazing sense of smell, hearing, and vision. More and more, these wild animals are being found in urban areas due to the amount of food available to them there. Unfortunately, coyotes are highly adaptable creatures and can make their homes in many different environments. Typically, a coyote’s diet will include mice, squirrels, rabbits, and other similar rodents. However, in cities and suburban areas, coyotes are known to attack domestic pets, like cats and dogs.

At our company, we’ve made it our mission to familiarize ourselves with the living and eating patterns of coyotes. We are experts in identifying their tracks and even their howls and yelps. Over our years in the industry, we’ve developed easily implementable trapping and prevention strategies for home and business owners in Rancho Santa Fe.

Diamondback Snake Fencing Co. works hard to keep the coyotes out so that we can restore your peace of mind. From planning to implementation, we're with you every step of the way, making sure you understand the prevention methods we're bringing to the table. Our full-service coyote control includes:

  • No-obligation consultations
  • Honest quotes upfront
  • High-quality coyote roller guards
  • Quick and efficient installation
  • Supplementary recommendations
  • Extended warranties on roller guards

Any questions? Give us a call and we'll be sure to walk you through our process.

Fast Coyote Removal You Can Rely On

Our team works efficiently because we understand how worrisome a coyote problem can be. Coyote problems are a time-sensitive issue, so our team strives to work as rapidly as possible to ensure our clients feel safe in their homes. Whether you're concerned about a coyote harming your pet or child or harming your livestock business, our team will make sure to respond quickly and work fast.

We strive to be as available as possible, work efficiently whilst still paying close attention to detail. Fast and secure is what we strive for, and at Diamondback Snake Fencing Co., we always deliver. Call us at your earliest convenience to book an inspection, so we can solve your coyote problem ASAP.

Experienced Coyote Control Specialists

Our coyote control specialists are fully certified and extensively trained to be able to provide home or business owners in the Rancho Santa Fe area with the best coyote management. They have many years of experience and have worked with a wide range of properties, both big and small.

Our signature coyote roller guards are an industry-leading coyote control product and we have their implementation and installation down to a science.

If you've had a coyote problem in the past, or simply want to ensure your property is protected, contact our experts now at (760) 828-8865 for the best coyote control method available.

Coyote Control vs. Coyote Trapping

Coyotes exist and thrive here in Rancho Santa Fe and across the United States. They are resilient creatures who can live quite successfully in urban settings. While coyotes can pose a threat to small pets and animals, and very rarely humans, they primarily stick to a natural diet. Nonetheless, coyotes have been hunted, trapped, and killed by humans for many years in attempt to make residential neighborhoods safer.

With years of research, studies have found that trapping and killing coyotes do not make communities safer nor discourage coyotes from roaming in urban settings. On top of being inhumane, killing coyotes is also costly. The best way to handle the situation is with proper control methods, and that is what Diamondback Snake Fencing Co. is here to offer you.

Our humane approaches are very effective and allow you and coyotes to live peacefully while protecting your property and pets.

Diamondback Snake Fencing Co.: Leading Coyote Control in Rancho Santa Fe

Diamondback Snake Fencing Co. is Rancho Santa Fe's top choice for coyote control. With years of experience, we've developed a strong reputation as an expert in our field and a leader in our industry. We provide long-term, results-driven solutions that prevent coyotes from invading your property. We're helping to keep you, your pets and animals, and your property safe. One job at a time.

To schedule a free consultation with one of our representatives, call us at (760) 828-8865 today.

One-on-One Coyote Management Consultations

At Diamondback Snake Fencing Co., we like to put our clients' needs first. We provide local coyote control, but with a customer-oriented approach.

That mindset is the guiding principle of our initial consultation service. We understand the stress, the duress, and the havoc that coyotes can cause. That's why we want to be there to take the burden off your shoulders, for good.

Our consultations come with no-obligation to hire us. You can take advantage of our industry expertise and specialist knowledge, with no strings attached. We'll discuss possible prevention strategies, and we'll lay your options out on the table. We'll also bring samples of our products so you get a visual sense of what we can do to help. That way, you know the full extent of your options, and how to protect yourself, your pets, and your property from coyotes. We'll help you come to an informed decision on your purchase—before you have to hire us.

Competitive Rates for Coyote Removal Services

Our team offers great rates for our unique and comprehensive coyote control services. Having a potentially dangerous animal on your property is incredibly stressful, which is why we want to make sure our services are accessible to a wide range of people. That is why we keep our prices reasonable, while making sure our services are always top quality. We’re proud to serve the San Diego community, which is why we keep our prices competitive without sacrificing our high service standards.

Book a consultation with us to find out more about our exceptional services and reasonable rates.

Our Coyote Roller Guards:

The Most Effective Coyote Prevention System Available

To halt coyote movement, we utilize our signature roller-guard prevention system. It consists of high-caliber roller guards designed to prevent coyotes from jumping over objects. Coyotes have a natural jumping ability and are known to scale fences over 6 feet tall. That’s why when it comes to a fence, mere height doesn’t cut it – attaching our roller guards is the only way to do the trick. These guards are unobtrusive and easily attach to existing structures and fences, making it quick and convenient to install them around the perimeter of your property. In most cases, no additional fence construction is necessary.

Another great advantage to our coyote roller guard systems is that we can install them on all types of fences, including (but not limited to):

  • Wood dog-eared fences
  • Wood flat top fences
  • Wrought iron fences
  • Chain link fences

What's more, our roller guards are incredibly effective. We're proud to say that, over the last decade, our coyote control solutions have had a 98% success rate. For you, that means the best chance at keeping your property coyote-free without having to harm coyotes. When you choose Diamondback Snake Fencing Co., you're choosing the humane and comprehensive solution for all your coyote control problems.

Professional Coyote Roller Installation

When it comes to such a specialized product as coyote rollers, professional installation is key. Too often, homeowners and contractors install these high-caliber, tested and proven products incorrectly, rendering them ineffective.

To make sure your rollers work as they’re designed to, all our staff is trained in manufacturer-approved installation techniques. We follow a tried-and-true, meticulous installation process to ensure our customers reap the full benefits of their newly purchased exclusion system.

A faulty installation is a wasted investment. Make sure your rollers provide complete coverage. Trust our crew for a flawless installation at an affordable rate.

Low-Maintenance Coyote Rollers

Another fantastic aspect of our coyote roller guards is that they require virtually no maintenance. The system works without any power source. Plus, since it’s designed out of high-quality tubing and stainless-steel components, it withstands extreme temperatures year-round. In the unlikely event that your roller guard system does break or malfunction, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer very affordable repair services. With our technicians on the scene, your fencing system will be restored in no time.

Install coyote roller guards one time. Reap the benefits for a lifetime. If you have more questions about our roller guard systems, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Coyote Rollers as Pet Protection

Coyote rollers have a widespread alternative use. Instead of keeping coyotes out, rollers can also keep pets in. Many pet owners who struggle to keep their cat or dog from escaping the yard and roaming the streets freely choose to install rollers on the inside of their fencing system.

As with their intended purpose, rollers will only work if your fence is tall enough and there are no nearby objects that might serve as ladders for the pet to climb. After careful review of your yard, fence, and surroundings, our technicians will inform you whether coyote rollers may help your pet stay put.

Fast, Affordable, Dependable: Coyote Prevention Done Right

Coyotes require immediate action. At Diamondback Snake Fencing Co., we ensure we arrive at all service callouts in as short of a period as possible. Using efficient business practices, we're able to minimize your wait time, speed up our installations, and ensure that your home or business is coyote-free sooner.

What's more—despite our impeccable record of success—our coyote control services remain exceptionally affordable. Thanks to the smart, easy-to-install design of our roller guards, we're able to offer our services at highly competitive price points. We'll save you time. We'll save you money. And we'll keep you safe and secure for years to come.

Coyote Removal Services

If a coyote is repeatedly entering your property, count on our experts to successfully and humanely trap and relocate the coyote far away from your place of residence.

In the case that the coyote is trapped inside your property, we strongly advise contacting a professional immediately. Cornered and threatened coyotes can be extremely dangerous. Call an expert as soon as possible. Our company prioritizes in emergency cases. When you give us a call, we'll dispatch a trained professional promptly to your property.

Get a Quote for Coyote Services

The price of your coyote control services and installations will depend on the size of your property and what defense method you wish to use. Our contractors will be happy to provide you with a detailed quote, outlining the cost of the solution before we get to work. Drawing up a quote will involve measuring out your property and determining the cost of the material per square meter.

We are committed to providing our clients with competitive and transparent pricing. You can rest assured knowing there will be no surprises on the final bill.

Peace of Mind from Coyote Control Experts

With every service call we take, we seek to restore peace of mind to our clients. The nature of urban expansion means that coyote encounters are bound to happen. But with the proper preventative measures in place, and the correct knowledge in mind, there's no need to worry.

Our experts are here to provide you with all the information and simple, straightforward strategies you need to put your worries behind you. We recognize the stress that families and property owners face when confronted with coyotes. You can count on our team members to be sensitive, compassionate, and personable. We'll assuage your fears and prepare you and your property with everything you need to live coyote-free and stress-free.

Long-Lasting Coyote Removal

Our team strives to give our customers peace of mind and ensure our services are top quality. Our coyote control methods are guaranteed to be long-lasting, so that your family can enjoy indoor and outdoor time safely. Our success rate is 98%, with most of our clients reporting that their homes have been coyote-free since using our services. You can count on our staff to be professional, and for our coyote control services to always be high caliber. We hold ourselves to a high standard to make sure our clients are always satisfied.

Find out more about our long-lasting services by contacting us today.

Excellent Customer Care from Our Coyote Control Experts

In addition to providing our clients with reliable and comprehensive coyote control methods, we also prioritize your customer service experience. We recognize that many of our clients lead busy lives and organizing consultations, installations, and follow-ups is not always easy. Our contractors are both accommodating and flexible. We are happy to work around your schedule to get your installations completed at a time that is convenient for you.

If you wish, our team can complete the installation when you are at work or out of the house. That way, you can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy your newly secured property.

If you have special requests or any concerns regarding our coyote control services, feel free to get in touch with our team by phone or email. We are always happy to answer your questions!

Commercial Coyote Exclusion Fencing

We’re pleased to serve commercial property owners with large-scale exclusion strategies. We have the skills and resources to implement our fencing systems on properties of all sizes, and we always provide price-per-foot quotes.

Coyotes present an ever-present safety threat in the San Diego area. Local businesses are not exempt. These days, even so much as a coyote sighting can impact your reputation, deterring passers-by from walking near your premises. More and more business owners and property managers choose to invest in coyote exclusion fencing—and love the result. Coyote roller guards are a one-time purchase that brings peace of mind to employees and customers long-term.

We offer our quotes risk-free. Why not request yours today?

Residential Coyote Exclusion Fencing

As a homeowner, guarding against coyote activity can be a stressful affair. Your home should be a safe place, and you should be able to use your outdoor space with friends, family, and pets without fear. That’s where roller guards come in. A small fee upfront translates to a lifetime of worry-free yard use.

Our at-home consultations are designed to demonstrate how our products work and how much they’ll cost. Since we genuinely believe in our products, we offer our consultations entirely obligation-free. We know homeowners will love roller guards just as much as we do. To book your meeting with a roller guard specialist, just give us a call.

Humane Coyote Animal Control

Our business recognizes that as human beings, we share space with animals, and we want to respect the local wildlife. That’s why all our coyote control methods are always humane, and we are committed to making sure our work keeps locals and animals safe at all times. Our fences provide natural barriers between your property and coyotes, while our coyote roller guards are designed to safely prevent coyotes from climbing over your fence and into your yard. Coyotes are beautiful creatures, but best kept away from humans for fear of aggressive behavior.

For more information about our humane coyote control methods, contact us at (760) 828-8865. 

Learn More About Coyote Control

Diamondback Snake Fencing Co. offers a full suite of coyote control services for both residential and commercial applications. We strive to make our online service lists comprehensive, so you can learn how our animal control systems work. You can pick the right service for you and know exactly how our processes work by checking out our service pages. Our exclusion fences and rollers are some of our best-selling products. To learn more about them, please contact us directly by phone.

If you have any questions about our services, don’t hesitate to fill out our online form to find out more.

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If coyotes are wreaking havoc on your property, we're ready to help. Your safety and quality of life are something we take seriously, making our team the best choice for your coyote removal services. Our comprehensive solutions are here to protect you and keep your property free from coyotes.

We’re confident you will not find a more qualified coyote control company in the San Diego area.

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